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Choice For Wealth



Choice For Wealth:

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Making a choice for wealth is the way you choose to create your life. It is not one choice, it is continuous choice.

Short, sharp, incredibly insightful, this weekly series will systematically take you through different possibilities and choices you can make to create and generate your wealth. It is aimed at inspiring you to continuously make choices that will create sustainable wealth for you.

What you'll get:

  • 60 second audio .mp3 you can download and listen to again and again

  • a full transcript of the audio (so you can read and listen)

  • homework/discussion to assist you in creating something different in your life


Choice is the source

The way you generate sustainable future and massive wealth is through what you choose every day.

Are you choosing to create and generate sustainable wealth?

Be the Creator Source of
Your Sustainable Wealth


Master the Art of
Sustainable Wealth

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What’s going to create the greater possibilities?

Wealth Is Just a Choice!

It is 100% up to you how you choose to create your wealth. Your wealth today is exactly the amount you have chosen to have and be.
Choice creates. With total choice, you can create anything and all things become possible.


About The2Bowmans

Steven and Chutisa Bowman are global business advisors, authors and speakers who have spent the past 30+ years working with many top society changing companies and entrepreneurs of our time.

They are recognized worldwide as Pragmatic Futurists and “thought leaders” on: strategic awareness; conscious leadership; prosperity consciousness; business transformation in a period of economic uncertainty; and Benevolent Capitalism.

Choice For Wealth Book

Choice For Wealth
Choice For Wealth
By Chutisa Bowman
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Be the creator source of your sustainable wealth