All you need to know about Scarcity Mindset

This reality operates based on the scarcity paradigm. Scarcity is based on lies. The lies of scarcity are the most prevalent and prominent influence in our society. These lies of scarcity have been entrenched in our world, which we have bought as real and true. It shapes our deepest sense of ourselves, and becomes the lens through which we view life. It often overrides rational viewpoints and creates distorted, selfish attitudes and egocentric behaviour.  This scarcity mindset is a collective unconsciousness that governs our world.

If you are like most people, you are probably not aware that you have an assortment of beliefs and viewpoints based on the lies of scarcity. As a result, you probably don’t realize that these points of view are affecting your choices and behaviours. The lies of scarcity become the reason and justification why you can’t have what you want or be who you want to be.

The mindset of scarcity creates irrational attitudes and behaviours, particularly around money.

Most of us tend to think that living in debt and struggling with our finances is natural. Well, it’s not natural. It’s just a result of social collective unconsciousness that is based on a scarcity paradigm. It’s the lack of prosperity consciousness as well as self-governance in the mental, emotional and physical aspects of our nature that leaves us vulnerable to financial difficulty.

If you have adopted the standards of the scarcity paradigm, you would believe that the way you see your situation is 'The Way Things Are'; there is no other way, and your actions proceed accordingly. For example, you probably choose to stay in a job or take on projects that have you joylessly working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You probably spend your days doing work you don’t really want to do, just to make more money. Even when you have lots of money, you still aren’t happy or relaxed about it.

A scarcity mindset is not a reflection of how things really are. It’s a state of mind we create. It is the state of being and the paradigm we live in. It’s the place we function from when we tell ourselves: “I don’t have enough. I never have enough. No matter what happens, I will never have enough”. When we have scarcity viewpoints, we are functioning against consciousness, against awareness, and against infinite possibilities.

Scarcity points of view can dwell in all of us, no matter how much or how little money we have. These points of view are insidious; they lead to financial and emotional grief and ultimately to action that creates poverty and lack. If you’re like most people, you have many points of view about financial freedom and money that you’re not even aware you have.

These points of view are the cause of many of your so-called money problems. If you don’t transform your viewpoints around money, then when you receive more money, your financial mess will simply grow in proportion to the amount you receive. 

So take a moment throughout your day and ask yourself: "How are my thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions, at this moment, based on a scarcity mindset?" 

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