The key to generating true wealth and abundance

Have you ever wondered why some people live in poverty and some in enormous wealth? Why some people seem to generate money easily, while others seem destined for a life of financial lack?

We have discovered that people’s ability to generate wealth has nothing to do with education, intelligence, work habits, luck, investment know-how, or choice of jobs. The secret is consciousness. Over the years, we have had many opportunities to work with a number of influential, successful, and resource-rich people. We are frequently amazed by how many of these powerful people struggle to find solutions to what they think of as their money problems. It’s obvious that they struggle not because of the actual conditions and circumstances of their lives but because of their lack of awareness, personal perspectives, and dysfunctional relationships with money.

Now, we are the first to admit that we have had plenty of money dilemmas ourselves. We used to fret and torture ourselves when we experienced financial glitches. Like many others, we were buying into these mistaken perceptions:

  • I need more money to achieve financial independence.
  • I have to work hard to become wealthy and successful.
  • I need to put money aside for a rainy day.
  • I have to save money for retirement.

We used to think that having great jobs with big companies would put us on the path to financial freedom and success. We thought that successful careers would turn us into wealthy people. And for quite some time, we attempted to create our lives based on these lies, which ultimately created limitations that did not allow us to expand into what is truly possible.

The more successful we became, the busier and more tied to our jobs we were. We were safe, secure, rational, steady, predictable, established, and sensible. We were striving to maintain our financial freedom and the status quo, and we succeeded. This is the lifestyle most people aspire to attain in this reality.

So, what’s wrong with that? you may ask...... Nothing! This lifestyle is okay if you are satisfied with being mediocre, run-of-the-mill, and ordinary. There is nothing right, wrong, good, or bad here. This is not a judgment. If this is enough for you, then read no further. However, we chose to destroy and uncreate all the decisions, judgments, and lies that would not allow us to expand our lives and become truly abundant. This blog is about the ideas, processes, and philosophy of life that has enabled us to realize our dreams of prosperity and abundance.

We discovered that the experience of abundance and prosperity is determined by what goes on inside us far more than what goes on around us. We found that when we choose to share our generosity of spirit with those whose lives we touch, then everything we require comes to us with ease, without our even doing anything to obtain it.

We learned that true abundance has nothing to do with what we have. It has everything to do with whom we choose to be.