What's keeping you from being abundantly wealthy?

Your present financial reality is a byproduct of the choices you have made and your limiting points of view about money. Your points of view and your beliefs about money influence every choice, because your points of view define and confine who you are being, how you act, and what you will create as your future possibilities. You create your financial reality by the choices you make.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” …. Carl Jung

Are you willing to entertain the possibility that being abundantly wealthy is truly possible for you right here, right now? If not, why?

What if the only thing that is keeping you from being abundantly wealthy is your point of view about money and about yourself in regard to money and financial freedom? In many cases it is simply a judgment you have about money and about yourself in regards to money.

Your reality is the way you perceive and feel about yourself at any point in time. Your points of view are the things that lock you in your reality and are the basis upon which your life is created. Your own viewpoints and attitudes are the most powerful influencers in your life. The way you think and feel about money and wealth and the way you think about yourself in regards to money and wealth are the crucial factor in determining how much you ultimately have.  If you don’t believe that you have abilities and competencies to generate money and wealth, you won’t be creating a new possibility.

Your points of view about money can have dynamic impacts on how much money you will be able to create and keep in this lifetime. So, your points of view ultimately determine your financial state.

Money is a reflection of your point of view and your choices. Do you think that it is possible for you to become exuberantly wealthy and abundant?