What Creativity Can Do to Your Life!

Creativity is a capacity that everyone has, yet most of us think we don't. When we see creativity as a part of our life and living, and not something only accessible to a small artistic elite, then we get to perceive and receive more of everything. We would be able to see new and different possibilities that we didn’t notice before.


Creativity is an energy.

It's a precious energy, and it's something to be cultivated. The power of creativity is a magic, and it can’t be taken for granted. If you choose to engage your creativity, who would you be? What could you create or generate that you have never been willing to create and generate?

Once you start to acknowledge your creative power and recognise the capacities you have not chosen, more possibilities will keep coming along. Making creativity a daily practice expands your awareness as well as yielding a mind and eye trained to notice choices and possibilities everywhere.

If you've ever marvelled at somebody's creative prowess, guess what, you can create and cultivate it too. It just takes choice. Everyone is born creative. The box of crayons in kindergarten were not limited to those who possessed potential, because the truth is, everybody has potential. So, what’s really possible here that you haven’t even considered?

Do you have any capacities you are not using? What if you have immense capacities and potencies that you are not even accessing? If you want to activate your creative power, you have to be willing to use all those capacities, no matter what.

You know how long it took to learn to ride a bike or drive or to play musical instrument? It's the same with engaging your creativity. It takes deliberate choice and a bit of practice before your innate creative power comes easily when called. There is a lot possible when you choose to engage creativity into your life. What can you be or do different today to engage your creative power right away?

Don't give up your awareness to buy the rightness of other people’s points of view. Follow your knowing and the beat of your own drum. Allowing for the input of other people will only bring cacophony to the music you are trying to make. If you have an original idea, don't waste your time and effort trying to make people understand. They won't. And the help you will probably get comes in the form of negative feedback. If all those geniuses listened to their peers, we would probably still be living in the middle ages.

Spend time on cultivating and engaging your creativity. Have you been telling yourself a lie that you do not have creative ability in order to keep doing what isn’t working? What if you actually claim, own and acknowledge your creative power? What might you actually be that you don’t want to be? I cannot stress that enough, although, please do not mistake this tip to tell you to quit your day job entirely. Do not. Once you acknowledge your creative power you would be aware of choices you have available that you haven’t considered before. You can start using this creative power for anything. For example: you can start looking at where you can put this creative energy to create more possibilities for you and for everybody you care about.

Reclaim Your Power of Creativity 

Your creativity is probably the most important factor in the process of overcoming whatever challenges you face. A lot of people think that they have to have the right IQ, or they have to be born with certain advantages, or some sort of other excuse. They think that there's all these circumstances and factors outside of them that would explain their success or lack of it. 

And unfortunately, most of us have spent a lifetime learning to sublimate our creativity, living in our heads, and disconnected from our innate creative power. The more we focus on things outside of us, and I'm talking about our circumstances as well as the situations we find ourselves in, or the people we surround ourselves with, the more we lose sight of our creative power. In fact, it can get so bad that we might ignore the power of our creativity altogether. The good news is that creativity is an innate quality that everyone possesses, so it can never be truly lost.

If you are actually at ease with engaging your creativity, you could do and be and have and create and generate anything and everything. New and different possibilities show up when you are willing to acknowledge your creativity. If you were totally embodying your creativity, what could you create and generate? If you start engaging your creative power, what will your world be like? Could it be constantly expanding, constantly generative and fun, with no more trauma and drama?

One of the simplest ways to engage your creativity is to be childlike.

If you would like to embrace your creative power, and seeing what being creative is all about, you just need to observe a child for a few minutes. It won’t be long before you appreciate the joy and the simplicity of creativity. As Albert Einstein once said, “To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play.” 

What's important in any creative act is the process of self-expression. For children, creativity is the freest form of self-expression. Children express themselves openly and without judgment. 

One of the ways you can grow in your ability to bring creativity in your life is to spend time being a “What if and what else is possible?” space. Spending quality time wondering, dreaming and not stressed about the consequences of being wrong can be freeing. By bringing this sense of wonder and playfulness into your work, life and contribution, you can let go of some of the self-imposed limits your have placed on your own creative capacity. If you keep asking “What possibility am I aware of that I am not choosing?” and if you treat your life and work a bit more like play, you will see a growth in your ability to perform and contribute even more to the wonderful world we live in.

In order to be everything you are and have everything you would like to have, you have to start with claiming, owning and acknowledging your creative power. You have to be willing to make a demand on you. Are you willing to be and do whatever it takes? What else is possible you’ve never considered?

You don't need the most expensive set of tools to produce a masterpiece. If you look at your life and the places where you’ve succeeded, you will find that there was an energy and a space that is the way you engage with the world with your creative power.

Keep in mind that you're doing these things for your own satisfaction and not anybody else's. But soon enough they will notice, and everything should snowball from there.