Bringing Consciousness to the Corporate World

Welcome to Right Riches For You - 2 Day Workshop
Bringing Consciousness to the Corporate World:
Working with Corporates Masterclass

Have you ever wanted to bring more consciousness to the corporate world? Have you then decided you didn’t know how to?

Are you interested in expanding possibility in corporates and being the difference you know you are? 

Do you want to know how to translate awareness and consciousness into corporate speak, in a way that they will be willing to receive?

This Master Class is a full 2-day interactive intensive in which we will explore the mysterious world of the corporate, and how your awareness can create change that in turn can change the world. 

This Masterclass is for those who work with corporates, who wish to exponentialize the change that could be created through greater awareness. 

Key topics will include

  • the language of business and corporates seen through the lense of awareness and consciousness
  • creating conscious business through facilitating others to be even more conscious
  • translating consciousness into business speak-strategy, risk, finances, governance, vision, operations etc
  • conscious business vs social responsibility-changing the conversation
  • creating innovation from awareness and possibility

Facilitators: This Masterclass is facilitated by Chutisa and Steven Bowman, two of the most prolific and respected global business advisors, and authors of the classic books "Conscious Leadership", "Prosperity Consciousness", "No More Business As Usual", and "Benevolent Leadership for a Better World: Unlocking Benevolent Capitalism". Between them, they have been CEOs of major organizations, Chairs of Boards and senior executives in multi-million dollar global corporates. They now run 5 global businesses.

Location: TBA


Host(s): TBA

Cost: $1500

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