Right Riches Masterclass

Right Riches For You Masterclasses are interactive workshops which use the tools of Access Consciousness to assist you in finding ease, peace and joy with the topic of money, wealth and riches. 


Being The Conscious Leader Of Your Own Life Masterclass

Would you like to create a generative life and a more prosperous financial reality that is far greater than the one you currently have? To be financially savvy and aware? To unleash the power of the financial genius? To have confidence and ease to create a life beyond where you are now, beyond what you think you can achieve? Are you intrigued with the possibility of being your own Chief Financial Officer?

This Masterclass is for you if you desire to grow and expand beyond where you are today, to become the leader you truly are.. 


Bringing Consciousness to the Corporate World:
Working with Corporates Masterclass

Have you ever wanted to bring more consciousness to the corporate world? Have you then decided you didn’t know how to? ...... Explore the mysterious world of the corporate, and how your awareness can create change that in turn can change the world. This Masterclass is for those who work with corporates, who wish to exponentialize the change that could be created through greater awareness. 


Generating Wealth Beyond Your Existing Job Masterclass

Would you like to generate sustainable wealth that is far greater than what you are creating with your existing job? To become even more financially savvy and aware? To be more creative and generative with money? To claim your ability to maximize possibilities? To have confidence and ease to create the life you desire, to function differently and change anything?