Top Social Media Website You Should Be Signed Up For


One of the most famous forms of social media is the social networking.

The realization of a relationship over the net can only be established if you creates an account in one or all of the social networking sites. And the connectivity also depends on which social networking site to create a profile with.

Various social media websites are available for any individual to sign up for and be socially connected.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site. With almost 900 million users, it is ubiquitous. Every individual who has created a profile on the site can be connected with the rest of the 899,999 users and this idea alone is the primary reason why social networking is attractive.


Imagine being connected with the rest of the world, despite difference in culture, great distances and even personality. Facebook or what is simply referred to as FB, is the foremost social networking site to be present on.

A clear advantage of the site from others is its ability to adapt to changes.

Though, it may not actually be the first in the field, it is the first to actually break ground. It survived criticisms and continues to survive them by constant upgrade. It is highly adaptable and yes, trendy.

During the first few years of the site, Facebook’s design was almost bare and yet it worked. And as its popularity increased, so did the number of ways to build up a profile, the links to connect to as well as presence on the web. Besides, no person wants to create an account with a site that is losing ground when it comes to usage and usability, how could you be socially connected if it cannot keep up, right?

Facebook knows how to dance to the music or actually, it even dictates the  trend. When all you want or wanted was to be available on the Internet, then Facebook is the way to go.

It can answer the most basic of all human needs: working connectivity. Is this not the definition of social media? Though developed prematurely for Harvard students, the developers thought it would be best if the site was launched to the general public or t to a crowd not limited only to Ivy leaguers. The site places a high value on connectivity without any regard for professional status, demography or any other reason beyond wanting to be "friends."

Facebook will allow you to amass a number of friends, mostly giving you the chance to reconnect with former classmates or even loved ones. This is actually the best reason why Facebook became successful, all the other applications that one can enjoy with the site came years later.

With a few hits and misses, Facebook continues to fuel the human need to stay connected. It remains the social networking authority and to associate oneself with it assures a strong online presence.

2. Twitter

This is a social networking site that has become successful in little ways.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter did not become an instant success. It had to battle with issues of usability. There was once a time when Facebook was all that social networking was and Twitter, along with the other social networking sites became senseless.

Yet Twitter quieted doubts with not just adaptability but unique concept of "being known". Twitter invented the idea of a 140 long tweets. Because the idea of being present on the net was fast becoming stale, Twitter reinvented the lure of wanting to be present on it.

In a society where "appearance" matters greatly, the right wordplay can garner one a second look, if not a follower. Tweets and followers are the great concepts of The users of this micro-blogging site enjoy real-time updates that come in few concise words.

Famous personalities often interact with their admirers on the site as well, it is one of the most preferred site to interact with a celebrities’ fan base. Also, trending topics is one of the quirky ideas of the site, with it, users of the site can get to share in on the “trending” event. Such trending events are known to cause a stir if not a raucous in various political and socially relevant issues. With only 140 words, it is a sure way to develop the writer in every account owner.

And edge to owning a Twitter account, in comparison to other social networking sites, is the fact that is probably the first website to have established a secure on-the-go version. With technology, tweeting became much more convenient, farther reaching with the launch of mobile version of the website.

More so, the idea of tweeting work because people need not flood their screens with minute status updates. With Twitter, individuals get a following because of their creativity to grab attention with short messages.

These are just some of the reasons why “twitterverse” is slowly gaining ground as a force to reckon with in the area of social networking. This is so because it actually works as a social connection for personal and business purposes as well. Unlike the more famous Facebook, one can actually maintain a more professional tone with Twitter. is favorably a social and interactive website, individuals who sign up for an account have less worry of creating an online profile that is too personal for any occasion.

3. Google+

As a social network site, Google+ entered the game too late. Though Google may have created the idea of Googling, it was late on the uptake as a social networking site. The developers of the premium search engine grabbed the opportunity of creating a profile, linking and connections just after social networking emerged as a winning concept. Though, at this late in the game,

Google+ is fast becoming a formidable opponent. The plus in creating a profile with the site is the segregation of identity. Facebook may have answered all the social needs over the Internet but it has also overcrowded it as well. Being friends with your grade school classmate or reconnecting with a long lost neighbor may have a warm effect but getting minute by minute updates from your boss or wife may not be as alluring as getting one from friends.

Google+ has been developed for the sole purpose of helping individuals be socially connected with a more professional tone. It actually helps individuals create a more professional outlook thus, it is a safer social network for people who would rather be known for their great projects rather than what they do on their weekends.

Any person who creates an account with Google+ will also be able to setup links with other applications but unlike Facebook, Google+ accounts are not meant to simply make friends or reignite lost flames, it is a site worth investing time with because it is good for business.

4. YouTube

Without any doubt, is a hit. As successful as any other social networking site can be, YouTube has commanded the market in a different and yet highly utilizable approach. It is visually appealing and very satisfying for both its registered users and not.

The allure of creating an account with YouTube lies on the fact that when registered, any video that you may have liked or simply want to share can be “shared” from the website itself. More so, people can interact with other people who watched the video as well through their comment pane.

And because YouTube understands the concept of entertaining people more than any other, YouTube allows people not only to watch videos but also to share their own videos as well. It is a rich source of raw materials, which need not be read but only enjoyed by watching.

It is great to create an account with the site because not only will one get a reliable history but one can also upload any video they have. The millions of its account holders provide enough reasons for logging into one’s account.

The You in the YouTube definitely means personalized entries as there is actually lesser restrictions in uploading any personal video. In the lines of social networking, sparks the more entertaining side of every individual and that is why it remains one of the most visited site for any purpose.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is not a new concept in the world of social netwoking sites but unlike sharing loads of information, Pinterest users rely on images to create a connection. The concept is more like a YouTube only that photographs are pinned, repinned and utilized to establish a connection.

The beauty of Pinterest is that people can get to develop relationships based on captured images rather than common school or location or unique status updates. If an individual pins a picture, which is liked by another, then a connection can easily be established. “pinpoints” what one actually enjoys more than any others and then gives you full access to other images that fall into the same category as the image you liked.

More than answering the need to be socially relevant, Pinterest is becoming relevant in marketing as well. It is becoming a reliable source for links that can actually create a consumer base for different brands. It offers an attractive front page, engaging enough for an individual to follow links that will actually convert into sales.

Any individual who wants to learn about a business, a thing or simply an interest can easily find individual sites that teach, shares and allows one to share it too. In comparison with other Image uploading social pages, Pinterest operates on a formula that is easier to handle, more visually enticing and has been launched at a time where interest in other social network websites has stated to decline.

7. LinkedIn

A LinkedIn member gets to develop a profile in a social context that works best for the professional. It sets the tone for connectivity in a manner that can seal the deal based on a less personal connection.

It has appropriate settings, which one can choose from in order to secure information accessible to other people. Entrepreneurs like to launch their market through the site because it has been programmed to allow marketability.

Though signing up is for free, upgrading to a paid account has been proven to be a winning move if done with LinkedIn. Not only one can develop a better interaction with their market but can also keep their consumers informed in a manner that works best for businesses.

LinkedIn remains to be one of the good social networking magnets because it has been developed precisely under the assumption that social connection is necessary in creating better marketing partners and relationships.

LinkedIn believes that such can be done in a manner that need not divulge too many unnecessary information but only the ones that actually does.

Chutisa Bowman